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Projects List of Datamining

  1. A hybrid fuzzy particle swarm and fuzzy k-modes clustering algorithm(IEEE 2012)
  2. A Link-Based Cluster Ensemble Approach for Categorical Data Clustering(IEEE 2012)
  3. Incrementally Clustering Legislative Interpellation Documents(IEEE 2012)
  4. High performance genetic algorithm based text clustering using parts of speech and outlier elimination(IEEE 2012)
  5. Local Statistical Modeling via a Cluster-Weighted Approach with Elliptical Distributions (IEEE 2012)
  6. Geometrical codification for clustering mixed categorical and numerical databases (IEEE 2012)
  7. A new hybrid imperialist competitive algorithm on data clustering (IEEE 2011)
  8. Clustering of Heterogeneously Typed Data with Soft Computing – A Case Study (IEEE 2011)
  9. New Weighed Similarity Indexes for Market Segmentation Using Categorical Variables (IEEE 2011)
  10. The Academic Journal Ranking Problem: A Fuzzy-Clustering Approach (IEEE 2011)
  11. Weighted Topological Clustering for Categorical Data (IEEE 2011)
  12. Research on clustering based on short message text(IEEE 2011)
  13. Clustering categorical data: A stability analysis framework(IEEE 2011)
  14. Co-clustering for Binary and Categorical Data with Maximum Modularity(IEEE 2011)
  15. Clustering algorithm based on Condensed Set Dissimilarity for high dimensional sparse data of categorical attributes(IEEE 2011)
  16. A K-medoids clustering algorithm for mixed feature-type symbolic data(IEEEm2011)
  17. Graph-based clustering based on cutting sets(IEEE 2011)
  18. Estimation of number of clusters in categorical data via distance-based likelihood function(IEEE 2011)
  19. A new algorithm for clustering aggregation(IEEE 2011)
  20. A New Markov Model for Clustering Categorical Sequences(IEEE 2011)
  21. An approach to learn categorical distance based on attributes correlation(IEEE 2011)
  22. Weighted Rough Clustering on categorical data(IEEE 2011)
  23. Ensemble of Multi-objective Clustering Unified with H-Confidence Metric as Validity Metric(IEEE 2011)
  24. Implementation of distributed ROCK algorithm for clustering of large categorical datasets and its performance analysis(IEEE 2011)
  25. SDR: An algorithm for clustering categorical data using rough set theory(IEEE 2011)
  26. Detecting outliers in sliding window over categorical data streams(IEEE 2011)
  27. Clustering Categorical Data Using an Extended Modularity Measure (IEEE 2010)
  28. Application Rough Sets Theory to Ordinal Scale Data for Discovering Knowledge (2010)
  29. Consensus Multiobjective Differential Crisp Clustering for Categorical Data Analysis (IEEE 2010)
  30. Enhanced co-occurrence distances for categorical data in unsupervised learning(IEEE 2010)
  31. Clustering medical data to predict the likelihood of diseases(IEEE 2010)
  32. Integrating Clustering and Supervised Learning for Categorical Data Analysis(IEEE 2010)
  33. A Cluster Description Method for High Dimensional Data Clustering with Categorical Variables(IEEE 2010)
  34. Centre-based clustering for Y-Short Tandem Repeats (Y-STR) as numerical and categorical data(IEEE 2010)
  35. An algorithm for clustering heterogeneous data streams with uncertainty(IEEE 2010)
  36. Efficient ensemble algorithm for mixed numeric and categorical data(IEEE 2010)
  37. Incremental clustering for categorical data using clustering ensemble(IEEE 2010)
  38. Adjust and Explain the Clustering Results of Categorical Data(IEEE 2010)
  39. A Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Categorical Attributes(IEEE 2010)
  40. An Extended Fuzzy k-Means Algorithm for Clustering Categorical Valued Data(IEEE 2010)
  41. "Best K": critical clustering structures in categorical datasets (IEEE 2009)
  42. Categorical Data Clustering with Automatic Selection of Cluster Number (IEEE 2009)
  43. Clustering Ensemble Method for Heterogeneous Partitions (IEEE 2009)
  44. R-Map: Mapping Categorical Data for Clustering and Visualization Based on Reference Sets (IEEE 2008)
  45. Transaction Clustering Using a Seeds Based Approach (IEEE 2008)
  46. Fuzzy Clustering Based Ad Recommendation for TV Programs (IEEE 2007)
  47. Clustering Transactional Data Streams (IEEE 2006)
  48. XML Clustering Based on Common Neighbor (IEEE 2006)
  49. Research Paper Recommender Systems: A Subspace Clustering Approach (IEEE 2005)
  50. A Genetic k-Modes Algorithm for Clustering Categorical Data (IEEE 2005)
  51. TCSOM: Clustering Transactions Using Self-Organizing Map (IEEE 2005)
  52. Categorical Data Visualization and Clustering Using Subjective Factors(IEEE 2004)
  53. Squeezer: A n Efficient A l g o r i t h m for Clustering Categorical D a t a (IEEE 2002)
  54. Robust classification with categorical variables
  55. Data Mining Algorithms In R/Clustering/Expectation Maximization (EM)
  56. A Survey of Clustering Data Mining Techniques

Projects List of Network Simulator(NS2)

  1. Dynamic Conflict-Free Transmission Scheduling for Sensor Network Queries (IEEE 2011)
  2. Dynamics of Malware Spread in Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Networks(IEEE 2011)
  3. Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks(IEEE 2011)
  4. Approaching Throughput-Optimality in Distributed CSMA Scheduling Algorithms With Collisions(IEEE 2010)
  5. ECODA: Enhanced Congestion Detection and Avoidance for Multiple Class of Traffic in Sensor Networks (IEEE 2010)
  6. Structural Damage Detection and Localization Using NETSHM (IEEE 2006)
  7. Fast Detection of Replica Node Attacks in Mobile Sensor Networks Using Sequential Analysis(IEEE)
  8. Heuristics Based Query Processing for Large RDF Graphs Using Cloud Computing(IEEE 2007)
  9. Rumor Riding: Anonymizing Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems(IEEE 2006)
  10. A Unifying Link Abstraction for Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2005)
  11. Design and Deployment of Industrial Sensor Networks: Experiences from a Semiconductor Plant and the North Sea (IEEE 2005)
  12. Wireless Sensor Networks for Habitat Monitoring (IEEE 2002)
  13. TinyDB: An Acquisitional Query Processing System for Sensor Networks1 (IEEE 2000)
  14. USHER: Improving Data Quality with Dynamic Forms(IEEE)
  15. A Privacy-Preserving Location Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks(IEEE)
  16. Privacy-Preserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential Databases(IEEE)
  17. Dynamic Conflict-Free Transmission Scheduling for Sensor Network Queries
  18. Mechanism Design-Based Secure Leader Election Model for Intrusion Detection in MANET
  19. Energy-Efficient Protocol for Cooperative Networks
  20. Greedy power allocation algorithm for proportional resource allocation in multi-user OFDM systems
  21. Performance evaluation of chaotic interleaving with FFT and DWT OFDM
  22. Linear and Remainder Packet Marking for fast IP traceback
  23. Modeling and Optimization of Medium Access in CSMA Wireless Networks with Topology Asymmetry
  24. Wavelet-based SC-FDMA system
  25. Optimal error considerate cross-layer scheduler for heterogeneous users
  26. Beyond OFDM: Best-effort dynamic spectrum access using filterbank multicarrier
  27. Path cost and assessment between cities from complex network
  28. Stochastic Steepest Descent Optimization of Multiple-Objective Mobile Sensor Coverage
  29. Bounded-Hop Energy-Efficient Liveness of Flocking Swarms
  30. A practical system for improved efficiency in frequency division multiplexed wireless networks
  31. Urban bus transport network optimization from complex network
  32. Towards peer-assisted dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP
  33. Performance Analysis of Probabilistic Multipath Transmission of Video Streaming Traffic over Multi-Radio Wireless Devices
  34. Delayed and Non-delayed Coverage-Enhancing Algorithm for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
  35. Adaptive and reliable transmission scheduling with low-cost estimation of channel states
  36. License plate recognition based on mathematical morphology method and RBF neural network
  37. A Mobile-Based Service for Building Social Networks for Mobile Users
  38. Efficient non-coherent PSS detections and analysis for LTE systems
  39. Mobility adaptive hybrid routing for mobile ad hoc networks
  40. Waveform-agile multiple target tracking using probability hypothesis density filtering
  41. Thwarting Control-Channel Jamming Attacks from Inside Jammers
  42. Energy-efficient routing in hierarchical wireless sensor networks using differential-evolution-based memetic algorithm
  43. The Research and Implementation of Storage Method of Data Mining Results Based on XML Technology
  44. Energy-aware optimization of the number of clusters and cluster-heads in WSN
  45. A cross-layer approach for IP network protection
  46. Scheduling Sensor Data Collection with Dynamic Traffic Patterns
  47. Green resource allocation for MIMO-OFDM relay networksSystems
  48. Improving Network Energy Efficiency through Transmit Antenna Number and Transmission Model Selection in Multicell
  49. Multi-Objective Traffic Engineering for Future Networks
  50. Multi-leak detection with wavelet analysis in water distribution networks
  51. Teleoperation of Multiple Social Robots
  52. Simulation environment based on smartphones for Cloud computing robotss
  53. Resource allocation for multicast services in distributed antenna systems with quality of services guarantee
  54. An Availability-Aware Approach to Resource Placement of Dynamic Scaling in Clouds
  55. A common analysis framework for smart distribution networks applied to survivability analysis of distribution automation
  56. Compressed-Sensing-Enabled Video Streaming for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
  57. A Discrete Stochastic Process for Analysis of Terrain Coverage Algorithm Based on Wasp Swarm
  58. Routing Architecture for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
  59. Adaptive resource allocation for single-cell downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access systems
  60. Semi-Random Backoff: Towards Resource Reservation for Channel Access in Wireless LANs
  61. Performance Improvement of Overlay Networks for P2P Systems Using Trust-Based Mechanisms
  62. Measuring BitTorrent ecosystems
  63. Analysis and simulation of the updating cost of group key management scheme in ad hoc network
  64. Empirical Distribution-Based Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks: An Approach Based on Evidence Theory
  65. Caching techniques for rapid provisioning of virtual servers in cloud environment
  66. A Distributed Cluster-Based Self-Organizing Approach to Resource Allocation in Femtocell Networks
  67. Aiming at Higher Network Security through Extensive Penetration Tests
  68. Detecting blackhole attacks on DSR-based mobile ad hoc networks
  69. Performance evaluation of information propagation in vehicular ad hoc network

Projects List of Android

  1. Text To Speech Processing System using Android Mobile Operating System.
  2. Text To Speech Processing System using Android Mobile Operating System.
  3. Location Based Services using Android Mobile Operating System.
  4. Design and Implementation of the Game Engine based on Android Platform.
  5. SMS To Speech Processing System using Android Mobile Operating System.
  6. Wireless Sensor Networks using android virtual devices and Near Field Communication peer-to-peer emulation
  7. Smartphone-Based Collaborative and Autonomous Radio Fingerprinting
  8. Crowdsourced Trace Similarity with Smartphones
  9. STAAF: Scaling Android Application Analysis with a Modular Framework
  10. A Selective Ahead-Of-Time Compiler on Android Device
  11. A Secure Software Architecture for Mobile Computing
  12. Android application for spiral analysis in Parkinson's Disease
  13. Extended MOBILIS: A integration of learning management system with mobile application to m-Learning environment
  14. A study on educational administration inquire system based on mobile device
  15. Mining for localization in Android
  16. Context Directory: A context-aware service for mobile context-aware computing applications by the example of Google Android
  17. Evaluation of Bluetooth Hands-Free profile for sensors applications in smartphone platforms
  18. Wireless Sensor Networks using android virtual devices and Near Field Communication peer-to-peer emulation
  19. Bfriend: Context-aware ad-hoc social networking for mobile users
  20. PION: Human mobility-based service provisioning framework for smartphone users
  21. Taming Mr Hayes: Mitigating signaling based attacks on smartphones
  22. Security mechanism analysis of open-source: Andriod OS & Symbian OS
  23. A whitebox approach for automated security testing of Android applications on the cloud
  24. CrowdITS: Crowdsourcing in intelligent transportation systems
  25. A novel framework for SMS spam filtering
  26. TASAM - Towards the Smart Devices App-Stores Applications Security Management Related Best Practices
  27. Participatory sensing platform to revive communication network in post-disaster scenario
  28. Location-based intelligent services of scenic areas
  29. Real-time video processing using native programming on Android platform
  30. Analysis of Android Applications' Permissions
  31. Do the stars align? Multidimensional analysis of Android's layered architecture
  32. Malicious code hiding android APP's distribution and hacking attacks and incident analysis
  33. A method of simultaneously displaying a passing person and his/her message on the same screen space
  34. A resilience wireless enhancement for neighborhood watching system
  35. An IP based security threat in mobile networks
  36. Developing a Mobile Game Environment to Support Disadvantaged Learners
  37. Mining challenge 2012: The Android platform
  38. Testing Conformance of Life Cycle Dependent Properties of Mobile Applications
  39. Testing Conformance of Life Cycle Dependent Properties of Mobile Applications
  40. Privacy Control in Smart Phones Using Semantically Rich Reasoning and Context Modeling
  41. Android-based mobile payment service protected by 3-factor authentication and virtual private ad hoc networking
  42. Share your view: Wireless multi-hop video streaming using Android phones
  43. Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Information Integration System Based on Android Mobile Terminals
  44. On the automatic categorisation of android applications
  45. An Efficient Energy Management System for Android Phone Using Bayesian Networks
  46. Teaching smartphones programming using (Android Java): Pedagogy and innovation
  47. UPTIME: Ubiquitous pedestrian tracking using mobile phones
  48. Design and implementation of automatic number plate recognition on android platform
  49. Next-Generation Applications on Cellular Networks: Trends, Challenges, and Solutions
  50. Mobile Application Development Experiences on Apple's iOS and Android OS
  51. Android: Static Analysis Using Similarity Distance
  52. Simulation in the Cloud Using Handheld Devices
  53. A novel approach for generating multi-device Rich Internet Applications
  54. Design and implementation of network packets collection tools based on the android platform

Projects List of Java and J2EE

  1. Graduate web contact management system Using web technologies
  2. online police information system based on apache struts MVC framework
  3. A web-based examination system based on jsp+mysql
  4. Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System
  5. Two factor Authentication using mobile phone
  6. Collector Monthly Review Management System.
  7. Corporate Recruitment System (CRS) is web-based project.
  8. Cyber Shopping.
  9. An online website for " Digital-Tunes".
  10. E- Classifieds based on J2EE.
  11. The Effort Tracking system is a web-based system.
  12. Employee Performance and Recognition Portal.
  13. Human Management System.
  14. Insurance system for automates the management of insurance activities.
  15. Secure Internet banking system.
  16. Job Miller based web application.
  17. Loan Amortizer.
  18. Multi Banking System.
  19. Online Crime Investigation.
  20. Pharmaceutical Product Distribution System.
  21. Project Management System.
  22. Suspicious Email Detection.
  23. Work Force Management Tool.
  24. Personal Authentication Based on Iris Texture Analysis
  25. Fuzzy Spam Filter
  26. Intrusion Detection and Internet Services Failure Reporting System (IEEE 2007)
  27. An Algorithm to Improve the Effectiveness of Apriori (IEEE 2007)
  28. Mobile Banking Services Based On J2ME/J2EE (IEEE 2007)
  29. Mobile SOA: Service Orientation on Lightweight Mobile Devices (IEEE 2007)
  30. J2MEMicroDB: a new Open Source light weight Database Engine for J2ME Mobile Devices (IEEE 2007)
  31. Copyright Protection of Web Applications through Watermarking (IEEE 2006)
  32. A Software Tool for Network Traffic Analysis (IEEE 2006)
  33. A Database and Web Application Based on MVC Architecture (IEEE 2006)
  34. PacketScore: A Statistics-Based Packet Filtering Scheme against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks (IEEE 2006)
  35. A Parallel Apriori Algorithm for Frequent Itemsets Mining (IEEE 2006)
  36. DBMS for Web: The Future of Database Management (IEEE 2006).
  37. A Web Services Shopping Mall for Mobile Users (IEEE 2006)
  38. A Real-time Control System for Home/Office appliances automation, from mobile device through GPRS network (IEEE 2006)
  39. Role Based Access Control in Enterprise Application – Security Administration and User Management (IEEE 2006)
  40. Spring Framework for rapid open source J2EE Web Application Development (IEEE 2005)
  41. A Web-based Examination System Based on JSP+ MySQL (IEEE 2005)
  42. A Mobile-Based Home Automation System (IEEE 2005)
  43. Building Rich Web Applications with Ajax (IEEE 2005)
  44. Java Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (IEEE 2005)
  45. Design and Implementation of a Wireless Prescription System (IEEE 2004)
  46. Device Independent Mobile Application Controller for Remote Administration of a Server over a GPRS Link using a J2ME Cellular (IEEE 2004)
  47. A Web-based and Integrated Hospital Information System (IEEE 2004)
  48. A remotely controlled Bluetooth enabled environment (IEEE 2004)
  49. Secure Centralized Mobile and Web based Control System using GPRS with J2ME (IEEE 2003)
  50. Creating Dynamic Web Reports Using XSL and XML Technologies (IEEE 2003)
  51. Online Police Information system based on Apache Struts MVC Framework.
  52. Security Integrated System based on WAP for Remote Monitoring and Control of Industrial Process.
  53. VNC based Access to Remote Computers from Cellular Phones.
  54. Network Traffic Governing

Projects List of Dot Net

  1. A Novel Wavelet Medical Image Fusion Method (IEEE 2007)
  2. A RFID-based Material Tracking Information System (IEEE 2007)
  3. Smart Parking Applications Using RFID Technology (IEEE 2007)
  4. An Improved Method of Content Based Image Watermarking (IEEE 2007)
  5. A PDA Phone that will take care of your health ( IEEE 2007)
  6. Digital Image Watermarking in the Wavelet Transform Domain (IEEE 2006)
  7. HR Management System
  8. PDA based Point-of-care Personal Diabetes Management System (IEEE 2005)
  9. Data Mining Using C# (IEEE2004)
  10. Micro calcification Detection Using Wavelet Transform (IEEE 2001)
  11. Segmentation of 3D Brain MR Using an Adaptive K-means Clustering Algorithm (IEEE 1995)
  12. Enterprise Resource Planning
  13. Library Automation
  14. E-Tracker
  15. Patient Monitoring System Using Web services
  16. Auto Garage Management Using OLAP
  17. Character Recognition Using C#.NET
  18. Military E-Mailing System with Cryptography Security Using Web Services
  19. Dynamic Query Analyzer
  20. Information Transmission in Crime Branch Using Steganography
  21. Mobile to PC Communication & Vice Versa
  22. Polling System with Biometrics Authentication (Finger Print Identification)
  23. Alert Application Using Web Services
  24. Multi-channel Solutions for CRM using Web services
  25. Online Ticket Reservation for Multi-Travels Using AJAX Technology (with MVC Architecture)
  26. Online Evaluation System
  27. ELearning
  28. Enforcing Security Using RSA Algorithm in Net Banking
  29. Remote Monitoring System
  30. Dual Solution for CRM using Web services
  31. Net –Auction System
  32. PDA-based Restaurant Management System
  33. Mobile Sales Tracking System (MSTS)
  34. A RFID-enabled Event Management System
  35. Smart Phone & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution for Shopping Mall
  36. RFID-Based Jewellery Inventory Management System
  37. SMS Transmission Management Portal
  38. RFID-enabled Operation Management System in Logistics/Warehouse
  39. RFID Based Shopping cart
  40. Online Automation of Attendances
  41. Applications to Access an Electronic Patient Record System.
  42. A Web Application for Managing Data of Cardiovascular Risk Patients
  43. Neural networks for 3-D Motion Detection from a sequence of Image Frames
  44. Salt-Pepper Impulse Noise Detection and Removal Using Multiple Thresholds for Image Restoration
  47. Shopping cart
  48. Web Based Address Book
  49. System Side
  50. Material Management
  51. Intranet Activity Surveyor
  54. Ajax Enabled Performance Counter Web Control
  55. Network Traffic Monitoring
  56. Online Exam
  57. Cryptography in GSM Mobile Communication (Mobile Cryptography)
  58. Bug Tracking System
  59. Pawn Broker (Jewels Management System)
  60. Course Finder (India Study Channel)
  61. Distributed Network System
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