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Projects List of Power Systems

  1. Power Quality Analysis for Modular Structured Multilevel Inverter with Bipolar Variable Amplitude Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation Techniques (IEEE 2012)
  2. Advanced Control Strategy of DFIG Wind Turbines for Power System Fault Ride Through(IEEE-2012)
  3. An Improved Control Strategy for DFIG System and Dynamic Voltage Restorer under Grid Voltage Dip(IEEE 2012)
  4. DFIG-Based Wind Power Conversion With Grid Power Leveling for Reduced Gusts(IEEE 2012)
  5. Coordination of DFIG and STATCOM in a Power System(IEEE 2012)
  6. Fault Current Contribution of DFIG under Unsymmetrical Fault(IEEE 2011)
  7. DVR Control of DFIG for Compensating Fault Ride-Through Based on Stationary and Synchronous Reference Frame (IEEE 2012)
  8. Operation of Wind-Turbine-Driven DFIG Systems Under Distorted Grid Voltage Conditions: Analysis and Experimental Validations(IEEE2012)
  9. Optimized Design of Resonant Controller for Stator Current Harmonic Compensation in DFIG Wind Turbine Systems(IEEE 2012)
  10. Predictive Control for DFIG-Based Wind Power Generation(IEEE 2012)
  11. Study of the Implementation of STATCOM on DFIG-Based Wind Farm Connected to a Power System(IEEE 2011)
  12. Unbalanced Loaded DFIG with Grid Fault(IEEE 2012)
  13. Control of DFIG Wind Turbine With Direct-Current Vector Control Configuration(IEEE 2012)
  14. Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) Ability of DFIG based Wind Energy Conversion System-I(IEEE 2012)
  15. Control Scheme of Three-Level NPC Inverter for Integration of Renewable Energy Resources into AC Grid(IEEE 2012)
  16. The Impact of Renewable Energy Resources on Demand Response Management in a Smart Grid(IEEE 2012)
  17. Dynamic Model and Control of DFIG Wind Energy Systems Based on Power Transfer Matrix(IEEE 2012)
  18. Dynamic Stability Improvement of a Power System Incorporating DFIG Wind Power Plant Using Optimized Control Parameters of a SVC(IEEE 2012)
  19. Dynamic Modeling and Improved Control of DFIG under Unbalanced and Distorted Grid Voltage Conditions(IEEE 2012)
  20. A LVRT Control Strategy based on Flux Linkage Tracking for DFIG-based WECS(IEEE 2011)
  21. Mitigating SSR Using DFIG-Based Wind Generation(IEEE 2012)
  22. Performance Enhancement of Stand-Alone DFIG Systems With Control of Rotor and Load Side Converters Using Resonant Controllers(IEEE 2012)
  23. Maximum Power Extraction in Grid Connected DFIG Using 3 Level Diode Clamped Inverter(IEEE 2012)
  24. Integrated Modeling and Enhanced Control of DFIG Under Unbalanced and Distorted Grid Voltage Conditions(IEEE 2012)
  25. A Novel Algorithm for Asymmetrical Fault Detection in DFIG based Wind-Farm using Wavelet Singular Entropy Function(IEEE 2012)
  26. Inter-Area Oscillation Damping with Power System Stabilizers and Synchronized Phasor Measurements (IEEE 1997)
  27. Low-Order Black-Box Models for Control System Design in Large Power Systems(1996)
  28. Design of decentralized Controllers for large power systems Considering Sparsity(IEEE 1996)
  29. Symmetrical Low Voltage Ride-Through of a 250 kW Brushless DFIG
  30. Robust Damping of Multiple Swing Modes Employing Global Stabilizing Signals with a TCSC(IEEE)
  31. On Structurally Constrained Control Design with a Prespecified Form
  32. Renewable Energy Resources in Energy Management Systems
  33. Control Scheme of Three-level H-bridge Converter for Interfacing Between Renewable Energy Resources and AC Grid
  35. Energy Capacity and Economic Viability Assessment of the Renewable Hydrogen Energy Storage as a Balancing Mechanism in addressing the Electric System Integration Issues Inherent with Variable Renewable Energy Resources
  36. Electrical Energy Management of Virtual Power Plants in Distribution Networks with Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Storage Systems
  37. Development of Distributed Generation System Based on Various Renewable Energy Resources
  38. A Control Algorithm for Three-Phase Three-Wired Active Power Filters Under Non ideal Mains Voltages.
  39. Active Filters with Control Based on the p-q Theory
  40. Instantaneous Reactive Power Compensators Comprising Switching Devices Without Energy Storage Components
  41. Wavelet Transform Based Harmonic Analysis
  42. Voltage Stability Analysis of Grids Connected Wind Generators
  43. Voltage Flicker Analysis and Mitigation- Case Study in AC Electric Arc Furnace Using Matlab
  44. A Novel Method of Electrical Arc Furnace Modelling for Flicker Study
  45. Application of Active Harmonic Filters for Power Quality Improvement
  46. A Control Algorithm for Three-Phase Three-Wired Active Power Filters Under Non ideal Mains Voltages
  47. Analysis and Implementation of a Hybrid High-Power-Factor Three-Phase Unidirectional Rectifier
  48. A New Simplified Fault Location Algorithm for Series Compensated Transmission Lines
  49. A New Control Strategy for Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement in a Wind Energy System
  50. Fuzzy coordination of SSSC for damping power system oscillations.
  51. Multilevel inverter topologies for standalone PV system.
  52. Study on the control of shunt active DC filter for HVDC systems.
  53. Modelling, simulation and group control system for a unified power flow controller.
  54. A new control strategy for active power filter for power quality improvement in a wind energy systems.
  55. Simulation of D-Q control system for a unified power flow control.
  56. Comparison of UPFC-based stabilizer and PSS performances on damping of power system oscillations.
  57. Distributed FACTS- A new concept realizing Grid power Flow control
  58. A new DC-DC converter for fuel cell powered distributed residential power generation systems
  59. Multi input inverter for grid connected Hybrid PV-wind power systems.
  60. Experiment on fractional Frequency Transmission system.
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