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Projects List of Embedded Systems

  1. Challenge-based Speaker Recognition For Mobile Authentication(IEEE 2012)
  2. Migration from a Legacy Wireless Technology to Zigbee for home automation Market Ready system (IEEE 2012)
  3. Speech Recognition Based Wireless Automation Of Home Loads With Fault Identification For Physically Challenged(IEEE 2012)
  4. A Master-Slave SoC Structure for HMM Based Speech Recognition(IEEE 2012)
  5. Speech Recognition Based Wireless Automation Of Home Loads With Fault Identification For Physically Challenged(IEEE 2012)
  6. Design of wireless monitoring system for urban water supply based on embedded technology (IEEE 2012)
  8. A low-cost instrument for environmental particulate analysis based on optical scattering (IEEE 2012)
  9. A Driver-Automation System for Brake Assistance in Intelligent Vehicles(IEEE 2012)
  10. Optimal Power Management of Residential Customers in the Smart Grid(IEEE 2012)
  11. Research of Real-time Agriculture Information Collection System Base on Mobile GIS Securing DMA through Virtualization(IEEE 2012)
  12. Design and Implementation of Embedded GPS System(IEEE 2012)
  13. Smarter Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration using Integrated Distribution Management Systems and Distribution Automation(IEEE 2012)
  14. Early Phase Fault Propagation Analysis of Safety Critical Factory Automation Systems(IEEE 2012)
  15. Implementation of a Home Automation System through a Central FPGA Controller(IEEE 2012)
  16. An Intelligent Static Switch Based on Embedded System and Its Control Method for A Microgrid(IEEE 2012)
  17. Design and Implementation of CAN-USB Converter Based on ARM7 Serial Protocol API (IEEE 2012)
  18. Automatic measurement system of dam perpendicular based on CCD(IEEE 2012)
  19. Attentional and Emotional Regulation in Human-Robot Interaction(IEEE 2012)
  20. Portable Environment Detection System Based on Vibrotactile Feedback(IEEE 2012)
  21. Sensor Based Home Automation and Security System(IEEE 2012)
  22. Advisory System Architecture in Agricultural Environment to Support Decision Making Process(IEEE 2012)
  23. Study and modeling of the server application for monitoring embedded systems of vehicle fleet in agribusiness(IEEE 2012)
  24. Behavior Switching Using Reservoir Computing for a Soft Robotic Arm(IEEE 2012)
  25. Design of Built-in Boot Loader for ARM uCOS(IEEE 2012)
  26. Developing sensorized arm skin for an octopus inspired robot(IEEE 2012)
  27. Development of a Distributed Elevator Control System Based on the Microcontroller PIC 18F458 (IEEE 2011)
  28. Wireless Hand Gesture Capture Through Wearable Passive Tag Sensing (IEEE 2011)
  29. Design a kind of Family Embedded Health Care System (IEEE 2011)
  30. Extraction of Human Behavior from Human Activity Monitoring Data using MEMS Sensors (IEEE 2011)
  31. Car Monitoring using Bluetooth Security System (IEEE 2011)
  32. Implementation of In-vehicle Multi-sensor Information Fusion Gateway for Cooperative Driving(IEEE 2011)
  33. ARM-Based Energy Management System using Smart Meter and Web Server (IEEE 2011)
  34. Supervisory Control of Uncertain Linear Time-Varying Systems (IEEE 2011)
  35. An Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous System for Embedded Learning and Classification (IEEE 2011)
  37. A Local Positioning System for Loader Cranes Based on Wireless Sensors—A Feasibility Study (IEEE 2011)
  38. Car speed measurement based on ultrasonic Doppler's ground speed sensors (IEEE 2011)
  39. Telerobotics as Programming (IEEE 2011)
  40. Evaluation of Human-Robot Arm Movement Imitation (IEEE 2011)
  41. Robotic Arm Grasping and Placing Using Edge Visual Detection System (IEEE 2011)
  42. The Design of Linux Driver of WSN Nodes Based on ARM (IEEE 2011)
  44. Balance Control of Humanoid Robot in Object Lifting Task with Tactile Sensing System (IEEE 2011)
  45. Wheelchair user's cardiovascular evaluation system to support physiotherapy session(IEEE 2011)
  46. Object Recognition Based on Tactile Form Perception (IEEE 2011)
  47. Home Care System for Aging People Confined to Bed by Detached Sensor Network (IEEE 2011)
  48. An Approach of Human - Smart Electric Wheelchair Interaction in Intelligent Space (IEEE 2011)
  49. Conversation System for Robot Partners based on Informationally Structured Space (IEEE 2011)
  50. Multifeatured Visualization and Navigation in Tele-operation of Mobile Robots (IEEE 2011)
  51. A Multi-Technology approach to identifying the reasons for Lateral Drift in Professional and Recreational Darts (IEEE 2011)
  52. Multi-Sensor Spot Welding Monitor using Wireless Sensor Network Technology (IEEE 2011)
  53. Research of Real-time Image Acquisition System Based on ARM 7 for Agricultural Environmental Monitoring (IEEE 2011)
  54. A Compliance Control Design for Safe Motion of a Robotic Manipulator (IEEE 2011)
  55. Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Based Security System Using Microcontroller (IEEE 2011)
  56. Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Electronic Queue Control Systems (IEEE 2011)
  57. Control of solar water heater design (IEEE 2011)
  58. Automated Voice based Home Navigation System for the Elderly and the Physically Challenged (IEEE 2011)
  59. Research of Embed ed WebServer Based on CAN-TCP/IP Gateway(IEEE 2011)
  60. Research on water-saving irrigation automatic control system based on Internet of things(IEEE 2011)
  61. Design of Auto-guard System Based on RFID and Network(IEEE 2011)
  62. Transforming PC Power Supplies Into Smart Car Battery Conditioners(IEEE 2011)
  63. Experimental Performance Evaluation of Smoothing Predictive Redundancy Using Embedded Microcontroller Unit(IEEE 2011)
  64. A system for fruit tree canopy characters measuring based on CAN-bus(IEEE 2011)
  65. Grid-Connected Boost-Half-Bridge Photovoltaic Micro Inverter System Using Repetitive Current Control and Maximum Power Point Tracking(IEEE 2011)
  66. Self-recognition of Vehicle Position Using UHF Passive RFID Tags(IEEE 2011)
  67. Location Based Intelligent Mobile Organizer(IEEE 2011)
  68. Automated Voice based Home Navigation System for the elderly and the physically challenged (IEEE 2011)
  69. Innovative Cost Effective Approach for Cell Phone based Remote Controlled Embedded System for Irrigation(IEEE 2011)
  70. The CBC: a LINUX-based Low-Cost Mobile Robot Controller(IEEE 2010)
  71. Low Cost Speech and Vision Based Wheel Chair For Physically Challenged(IEEE 2010)
  72. Real-time Monitoring System for Soil Moisture Content Based on pC/OS- II Operating
  73. Design of Ultra Low Cost Cell Phone Based Embedded System for Irrigation(IEEE 2010)
  74. Land Mine Detecting Robot Capable of Path Planning (IEEE 2010)
  75. RTOS for PIC18 Microcontrollers (IEEE 2010)
  76. Design of Monitors Based on ARM7 and Micro C/OS-II (IEEE 2010)
  77. Implementation of CAN bus device driver design Base on Embedded System (IEEE 2010)
  78. Implementation of GPRS-Based Positioning System using PIC Microcontroller (IEEE 2010)
  79. Wireless Security Control System & Sensor Network for Smoke & Fire Detection (IEEE 2010)
  80. Microcontroller-Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System (IEEE 2010)
  81. Wireless Measurement System Based on ZigBee Transmission Technology (IEEE 2010)
  82. Robotic hand developed for both space missions on the International Space Station and commercial applications on the ground (IEEE 2009)
  83. Real-time operating system (RTOS) for small (16-bit) microcontroller (EEE 2009)
  84. A ZigBee and ZigBee-to-IR Device Control Scheme for Single Media Multi Devices (IEEE 2009)
  85. Fault Tolerance Assessment of PIC Microcontroller Based on Fault Injection (IEEE 2009)
  86. RF MEMS:Focusing on the Next Step (IEEE 2009)
  87. µCLinux-based WEBSERVER Realization on ARM platform(IEEE 2009)
  88. Modeling and Control of a 7DOF Exoskeleton Robot for Arm Movements(IEEE 2009)
  89. Wireless Voice command System Based on Kalman Filter and HMM Models to control Manipulator Arm(IEEE 2009)
  90. Using Biological Approaches for the Control of a 9-DoF Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Arm System: Initial Experiments (IEEE 2009)
  91. Embedded Web server Architecture For Mobile Phone(IEEE 2009)
  92. Independent Joint Dynamic Sliding Mode Control of a Humanoid Robot Arm(IEEE 2009)
  93. Application of the Environments On-line Monitoring Data Acquisition System Based on ARM9 (IEEE 2009)
  95. A Smart Mobility Solution for Physically Challenged (IEEE 2009)
  96. Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System (IEEE 2008)
  97. Design and development PIC based autonomous Robot(EEE 2008)
  98. Obstacle Avoidance Control ofHumanoid Robot Arm through Tactile Interaction(IEEE 2008)
  100. System Architecture and Implementation of MIMO Sphere Decoders on FPGA (IEEE 2008)
  101. An Overview of Image Compression Approaches (IEEE 2008)
  102. Exploitation of the External JTAG Interface for Internally Controlled Configuration
  103. Readback and Self-Reconfiguration of Spartan 3 FPGAs (IEEE 2008)
  104. FPGA Based Implementation of Robust Watermarking System (IEEE 2008)
  105. FPGA Design of Fast Lifting Wavelet Transform (IEEE 2008)
  106. FPGA Implementation of an 8-bit Simple Processor (IEEE 2008)
  108. FPGA Hardware Architecture of the Steganographic ConText Technique (IEEE 2008)
  109. Embedded into an FPGA (IEEE 2008)
  110. Component Labeling for k-Concave Binary Images Using an FPGA (IEEE 2008)
  114. Color Histogram Features Based Image Classification in Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems (IEEE 2008)
  115. A J2ME-Based Wireless Intelligent Video Surveillance System Using Moving Object Recognition Technology (IEEE 2008)
  116. System's Design and Implementation for Easy Creation of Mobile Commerce Systems (IEEE
  117. Automatic Generation of Web User Interfaces Using Database Metadata (IEEE 2008)
  118. Personal Authentication Based on Iris Texture Analysis (IEEE 2008)
  119. Public Key-embedded Graphic CAPTCHAs (IEEE 2008)
  120. Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining Techniques (IEEE 2008)
  121. A Fuzzy Similarity Approach for Automated Spam Filtering (IEEE 2008)
  122. Employing Bayes Classifier for Improving Learner's Proficiency (IEEE 2008)
  123. Motion Planning of Humanoid Robot Arm for grasping task(IEEE 2007)
  124. A PIC Microcontroller Based Electromagnetic Stirrer (IEEE 2007)
  125. Improving Robustness of Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) Services Related to Soft-Errors (IEEE 2007)
  126. A Method for Vehicle Count in the Presence of Multiple-Vehicle Occlusions in Traffic Images (IEEE 2007)
  127. ZigBee based Dynamic Control Scheme for Multiple Legacy IR Controllable Digital Consumer Devices (IEEE 2007)
  128. Design and Implementation of ZigBee based URC Applicable to Legacy Home Appliances (IEEE 2007)
  129. Commercialization of MEMS and Nano Manufacturing (IEEE 2007)
  130. Real-Time ECG Monitoring System Based on FPGA (IEEE 2007)
  131. Real-time Object Boundary Tracing Circuit Based on FPGA (IEEE 2007)
  132. Security in SRAM FPGAs (IEEE 2007)
  134. Real time and Robust Motion Tracking by Matched Filter on CMOS+FPGA
  136. Real-time Component Labeling and Boundary Tracing System Based on FPGA (IEEE 2007)
  137. A Pipelined Reconfigurable Architecture for Real-time Image Processing of Robot Vision Servoing (IEEE 2007)
  138. Performance Evaluation of FPGA -Embedded Web Servers (IEEE 2007)
  139. An Open-loop Stepper Motor Driver Based on FPGA (IEEE 2007)
  140. Online Monitoring and Remote FPGA Configuration Using JTAG Over Ethernet (IEEE 2007)
  141. MicroBlaze based Image Processing System using IEEE1394a (IEEE 2007)
  142. K-means Clustering for Multispectral Images Using Floating-Point Divide (IEEE 2007)
  143. Design and Evaluation of In-vehicle Sensor Network for Web based Control (IEEE 2006)
  145. Wireless data transmission between Personal Computers (IEEE 2004)
  146. Steganalysis Using Image Quality Metrics (IEEE 2003)
  147. Data Embedding in Scrambled Digital Video (IEEE 2003)
  148. A Cryptographic Protocol to Protect MPLS Labels (IEEE 2003)
  149. Silhouette Analysis-Based Gait Recognition for Human Identification (IEEE 2003)
  150. Region-Based Wavelet Coding Methods for Digital Mammography (IEEE 2003)
  151. Removing the Blocking Artifacts of Block- Based DCT Compressed Images (IEEE 2003)
  152. Lung Nodules Identification Rules Extraction with Neural Fuzzy Network (IEEE 2002)
  153. Adaptive and Energy Efficient Wavelet Image Compression for Mobile Multimedia Data Services (IEEE 2002)
  154. Audio Watermarking for Internet (IEEE 2002)
  155. Micro calcification Detection Using Wavelet Transform (IEEE 2001)
  156. Motion-compensated highly scalable video compression using an adaptive 3d wavelet transform based on lifting (IEEE 2001)
  157. Low Bit-Rate Scalable Video Coding with 3-D Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees (IEEE 2000)
  158. A Secure DES Implementation for Realtime Embedded Applications (IEEE 1999)
  159. Texture Features for Browsing and Retrieval of Image Data (IEEE 1996)
  161. A Bayesian Approach to Image Expansion for Improved Definition (IEEE 1994)
  162. An Embedded Wavelet Video Coder Using Three -Dimensional Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees (IEEE 1993)
  163. An Efficient Implementation of Multi-Prime RSA.
  164. Estimation of distance from vehicle in front by video from on-board camera
  165. Effective and fast soccer Ball detection and Tracking method
  166. A System of Shadow Detection and Shadow Removal for High Resolution Areal Images
  167. A Lossy Image Codec Based on Adaptively Scanned Wavelet Difference Reduction
  168. Support Vector Machine Classification For MRI Images
  169. Multitemporal Image Classification and Change Detection with Kernels
  170. White Matter Lesion Segmentation Using Machine Learning and Weakly Labeled MR Images
  171. Machine Learning for Brain Image Segmentation
  173. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication and Location System using Spread Spectrum Technique (IEEE 1998)
  174. Human and Robot Integrated Teleoperation(IEEE 1998)
  175. Smart Parking Reservation System using Short Message Services (SMS)
  176. Human Arm-Like Robot Control Using the Viscoelasticity of Human Multi-Joint Arm
  177. Front and Rear Vehicle Detection and Tracking in the Day and Night Times Using Vision and Sonar Sensor Fusion
  178. Learning action sequences for decision-making in home automation systems
  179. Smart Home Automation System Using Wi-Fi Low Power Devices
  180. Design of wireless network using Radio Frequency Navigation focusing the modernization of real world technology for the physically challenged people.
  181. The science of secrecy with hiding techniques for vignere cipher text algorithm using ZigBee technology
  182. Implementation of defense security systems through video surveillance and monitoring featured by Protective Force Embedded System.
  183. Automotive life Rescue device implementation using Global System for Mobile communication.
  184. Vehicle Gaseous Fuel Leakage Detection with Automatic Safety warning and alerting system Using GSM
  185. Design and prototype Implementation of Multi storage Vehicle car parking system using Infrared with PIC Microcontroller.
  186. Real time implementation of peek to peek network source for improved railway controller application programming using GSM call devices (Mobile).
  187. Voice based Elevator Movement and Display Control technique using Real Time Operating System (RTX51)
  188. Design and Implementation of Voice based electrical appliances Control for Industrial Automation with highsecurity.
  189. Protected Data Communication with Security Alert using Wireless Body Area Network.
  190. Networking and Inter Networking with Microcontroller Interface for on Protocol Implementation of Robotic Control.
  191. Intelligent Car Security System Using Dynamic Generation of Random Security codes.
  192. A Proposal for Design of Hybrid Multi-Functional Implantable Biochip Using Bio-Intelligent Expert System.
  193. Automatic Travel Acknowledgement Receipt Generation System Using Active RF identification.
  194. RF based Multistage Real Time Health Monitoring System. (IEEE)
  195. An Implementation of Electronic Shopping Cart Transaction and Display System Using Wireless Technology.
  196. Artificial Vision System for the Blind using Ultra Sonic Wave transmission reception techniques.
  197. The Micro Telemetry System for Industrial automation
  198. Microcontroller Implementation of a Voice Command Recognition System for Human-Machine Interface in Embedded Systems.
  199. Touch Screen Controller based driving system
  200. An RFID based Solution for Real Time Patient Surveillance and data Processing bio-metric System
  201. Web based Epitome Design of a bio-metric Micro RF Tags for The Physical Recognition of Persons Using Real time OS (RTX51).
  202. An Airport Security System for a hierarchical trespassing using advanced RFID techniques.
  203. Automatic Pantry System Using Wireless Technology.
  204. An advanced design of web-based framework for electronic system level design by the implementation of low power embedded web servers
  205. An automatic collision detection and acceleration control using multi zone transmission and reception through RF technology and GSM communications.
  206. Multi-purpose alive radiation detection robot in LOS Environment using tunable PIR sensors.
  207. A prototype for the object detection system for visually impaired through Image Processing and Embedded Systems.
  208. A design of unmanned alerting system for road traffic management through wireless networking techniques.
  209. Drowsy Driver Sleep Detector.
  210. Integrated Critical Real Time application for ATM Card Security System.
  211. Wireless Based Railway Bridge Damage Notification with Alarm Systems.
  212. Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control Using GSM Technology.
  213. Automated traffic control system having an interactive Emergency Vehicle Warning System.
  214. Design of Intelligent Mobile Theft Monitoring System Based on Global System for Mobile Communication.
  215. Advanced Automatic vehicle hurtle Notification using GSM Technology.
  216. PC based Automated Manual Guided Vehicles Using Wireless Technology.
  217. Person Detection and Identification in library room using GSM and Wireless Technology.
  218. Design of Hardware lock for Software Developers to prevent piracy of software through Local Area Network Routes.
  219. A control design for vehicle speed with multilevel using wireless communication technology.
  220. Implementation of Tsunami Alert System Using an UCOS RTOS.
  221. Intelligent Smart Stick with Alert Based on GSM and Ultrasonic.
  222. Real Time Implementation of Library Management and survey counting System using RFID and GSM Technology.
  223. Prototype of Wireless based Railway Station Indication and Coach Status Information and Control System.
  224. Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) Using Zigbee Technology.
  225. Implementation of Traffic Control System through intensity measurement using Embedded System.
  226. Elegant Telephone Design –a Concept to integrate the services of Telephone Voice and web browser using Microcontroller Ring Detection Units.
  227. A regression-based predictive model of student attendance by implementing Wireless Technology.
  228. Railway controlled Application with safety warning systems using Wireless with embedded Technology.
  229. Real time Implementation of Bio-Pad Finger print recognition based attendance maintenance System.
  230. VNC-based Access to Remote Computers and automation from Cellular Phones.
  231. Design and Implementation of Mobile based electrical appliances control for Industrial Automation with High Security.
  232. Intelligent Train Temperature Monitoring and Alert System.
  233. Integration of Wireless Technology and embedded for Person Alive Detection.
  234. Industrial Power Saving System with Data Accumulation Using Multi axis MEMS Technology
  235. A Predestined multi axes Defense Aeronautic System using MEMS For a prototypic Free Fall Detection phenomenon
  236. Design and Implementation of a multiplex parking system and toll collection based on time man agement techniques for Identifying the Parking Violation Based on Expiry Time.
  237. Antitheft System using I2C Inertial MEMS sensor and ZIGBEE using controller.
  238. Motion Operated scrolling display using dual axis MEMS accelerometer andLCD.
  239. Solar Energy radiation Based Mobile Charging System.
  240. A Periodic Analysis and Monitoring of Human Physical Parameters Through a Locally Shared Network (LAN) for Bio-Medical Applications.
  241. DTMF Based Device Control System Through Telephone
  242. A real time clock implemented Embedded System for Medicine Reminder Alarm System through audio announcement device.
  243. Controlling And Monitoring Of Industrial Parameters Using CAMAC
  244. Transformer Power Line Fault Scrutinize From Remote Area.
  245. Voter Credentials System Using RF-ID Technique
  246. Intelligent Efficient Restaurant Maintenance System.
  247. Detection Of Train Collision And Location Using GPS And Send SMS Through GSM To A Mobile.
  248. IVRS System Based Mobile Controlling Robot
  249. Shortest Path Finding Using GPS Based Navigation System In Critical Situation.
  250. GPS Vehicle Theft Identification And Tracking And Control System.
  251. Controlling the Direction of A Robot And Fire Alert Using GSM Modem.
  252. Wireless Serial Communication Link for Chatting and Controlling of Devices Using RF Technology.
  253. Interactive Earthquake Monitoring & Low Frequency Vibrations & Noise Sensing System.
  254. Speed Control OF AC Motor Using SCR
  255. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Implementation for Control of Devices Using RF Technology.
  256. Finger Print Based Authentication And Controlling System Of Devices.
  257. Cell Phone Based Motor Speed Control.
  258. An improved embedded web server based direction control and data reception system of industrial monitoring robot.
  259. GAS Detection Robot for Atomic Power Station.
  260. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Based Speed Control of Motors using advanced embedded firmware Alcohol Sensor Detection for Drivers in Vehicles.
  261. IVRS Based ATM Transaction System with the help of RFID Technology for Blind People.
  262. File Transfer between Data Communication Equipment Using Zigbee Networks.
  263. A Blind Navigation System Using RFID for Indoor Environments.
  264. Design and Implementation of a RFID Based Real-Time Location-aware System in Clean Room.
  265. Activity Monitoring System using Dynamic Time Warping for the Elderly and Disabled people.
  266. An RFID-based System for Emergency Health Care Services.
  267. Application of an Embedded System for the Car-Like Mobile Robot.
  268. Bus Detection Device for the Blind Using RFID Application.
  269. Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System.
  270. Distributed Intelligent City Street Lamp Monitoring and Control System Based on Wireless Communication chip nRF401.
  271. Friendly Home Automation System Using Cell Phone and J2ME with Feedback Instant Voice Messages.
  272. Future Store Picking System Using RFID and USN Technique Location-Based System for Mobile Devices Using RFID.
  273. Microcontroller Implementation of a Voice Command Recognition System for Human-Machine Interface in Embedded Systems.
  274. An Black Box Alert System for Crash Recovery and Prediction using MEMS technology.
  275. Automatic Power Meter Reading System Using GSM Network.
  276. Defense Security System Using RFID .
  277. A Wireless network system for Automated Tracking of Construction Materials on Project sites.
  278. Design of Intelligent Mobile Theft Monitoring System Based on Global System for Mobile Communication.
  279. Detection of Train Collision and Location Using GPS and Send SMS through GSM to a Mobile.
  280. Enhanced Spatial Resolution of Person Detection in a PIR based Surveillance Network.
  281. Study of wireless electronic voting system optimization design based on zigbee.
  282. A Low-cost Extendable Framework for Embedded Smart Car Security System.
  283. A RFID-based Material Tracking Information System.
  284. Design of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System Based on ARM7.
  285. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services.
  286. The Application of ARM And ZigBee Technology Wireless Networks In Monitoring Mine Safety System.
  287. Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System based on Digital Door Lock.
  288. Voice based Elevator Movement and Display Control technique using Real Time Operating System (RTX51)
  289. Remote Power On/Off Control and Current Measurement for Home Electric Outlets Based on a Low-Power Embedded Board and Zigbee Communication
  290. The Wireless Sensor Network for Home-Care System Using Zigbee
  291. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Based Speed Control of Motors using advanced embedded firmware.
  292. Advanced Automatic vehicle hurtle Notification using GSM Technology
  293. Friendly Home Automation System Using Cell Phone
  294. An Airport Security System for a hierarchical trespassing using advanced RFID techniques.
  295. Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) Using Zigbee Technology.
  296. E-Voting System Security Optimization
  297. The Electronic Passport and The Future Government-Issued RFID-Based Identification
  298. IEEE 802.15.4 Powered Sensor Network System For Railway Bridge Monitoring and Tamper Identification.
  299. Vehicle Gaseous Fuel Leakage Detection with Automatic Safety warning & alerting system Using GSM
  300. Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control Using GSM
  301. An automatic collision detection and acceleration control using multi zone transmission and reception through RF technology and GSM communications.
  302. A preemptive susceptive Design for Drowsy Driving Detection System through Opto-Muscular Pulse Detection and alcohol sensor
  303. The Wireless Sensor Network for Home-Care System Using RFID
  304. Implementation of Tsunami Alert System Using an UCOS RTOS.
  305. Dynamic Supervision and broadcast System for optimal driving through GPS based Wireless Helmet
  306. ARM7TDMI Design for Object Tracking and Positioning using wireless technology.
  307. School Zone safety system for parked Vehicle Detection and Speed Deceleration based on Wireless Sensor Network
  308. A MEMS-based wireless multisensor module for environmental monitoring
  309. Bridge local scour monitoring system using MEMS sensor Zigbee network
  310. Design and Development of a Wireless Remote Point-of-Care Patient Monitoring System
  311. Implementation of a decentralized control algorithm embedded within a wireless active sensor
  312. Design of wireless network using Radio Frequency Navigation focusing the modernization of real world Technology for the physically challenged people.
  313. File Transfer between Data Communication Equipment Using Zigbee Networks.
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